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Naples is a community that continues to grow, and you will find plenty of activities to join in. Naples holds at least one fair or festival each month, and it’s celebrated with seafood, sun, and fun. It’s hard not to enjoy yourself while you’re in Paradise and residents know this. Real estate in Naples, Florida is being scooped up by retirees looking for a vibrant community. Here are the top four reasons to consider owning a Naples home at retirement.

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Buyers relate foreclosures with astounding excellent deals, and in some invents that might be true nonetheless there are numerous risk aspects to contemplate. Foreclosed residences, as you perhaps know, are characteristically low-priced to purchase than most homes on the marketplace. When the homeowners are no longer able to pay the home’s mortgage plus don’t have the decision of selling, a house will often get foreclosed. It shall then go to possession of a government agency or the bank.

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buying a home in southwest Florida

One of the hardest decisions to make is whether to purchase a home or rent it. Given that mortgage is complicated, most people prefer to rent until they save up enough to purchase a home on cash. Therefore, making a decision to purchase a home whether on mortgage or cash is a boss move. Congratulations on choosing to settle at Southwest Florida. But what is the process of buying a home in Southwest Florida? We are here to help you find out, and here are 5 steps to buying a home in Southwest Florida:

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wire fraud when buying a home

Buying a home is a hectic process for any aspiring homeowner. This is because with the advancements in technology scamming has become easier than it was a few years back. It’s a complete nightmare for any homeowner to realize that you just wired all your hard earned cash to an offshore account belonging to a scammer.

According to a study by the Chicago Tribune, the FBI has been able to track over $1 billion that were diverted from real estate firms. From December 2016 and May 2018, consumers reported a 136% increase in loses related to these crimes. That being said here’s what you need to know about Wire Fraud:

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Title Insurance Important

What Is Title Insurance?

A property’s title is the legal document that establishes its ownership. It lists the owner’s rights in regards to the property. Furthermore, it lists the limitations on those rights, thus making it very clear what the owner can and cannot do. On top of this, it should be mentioned that titles provide other important pieces of information, with an excellent example being registered mortgages and other liens. Summed up, a property’s title is a very important legal document, which is why problems with a property’s title can have a catastrophic effect on the property’s value.

The problems that can come up in relation to a property’s title are both numerous and wide-ranging in nature. For example, it is possible that the person who handed over the title didn’t actually have any right to it, which is the kind of scenario that leads into a huge legal mess. Likewise, it is possible that there are unpaid mortgages and other liens on the property, meaning that the creditors have the right to seize it. Unsurprisingly, these problems make a property much less desirable, which in turn, makes the property much less valuable.

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