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title insurance guide

In real estate transactions, title insurance is an important tool as it protects mortgage lenders and buyers from financial losses. These losses may arise from disputes or defects that may have gone undiscovered before the transfer of property ownership.

When a seller and a buyer enter a contract of sale for a home, they hire a title agent who initiates a search in the local jurisdiction’s land records for any claims, liens, conflicts, or encumbrances that should be settled before the transfer of the property.

Other than that, the buyer needs an additional measure of protection by purchasing title insurance from a reputable insurance company.

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Retire in Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida provides an exemplary destination for both vacationing and relocation. Ranging from beautiful beaches to strategic geographic location, the region is a paradise on earth. The Gulf of Mexico waters that border the locality is warmer, clearer, and calmer than the Atlantic waters that border East Florida. More importantly, the coveted tourist destination has many recreational activities to offer such as Kayaking, boating, fishing, and many more that will help you retire conveniently and in peace. That’s why if you are middle age snowbird you should be considering to retire in Southwest Florida.

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Southwest Florida Title Insurance

Title insurance protects both lenders and buyers of properties from suffering loses in the event of a defect in the title, which could result in ownership claims in the future. The insurance policy will depend on the current market value of the property at the point of buying the purchase.

Below, we take a look at southwest Florida title insurance, why you need it and everything about it. Let us get started.

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What You Need To Know About How Title Insurance Works

Title insurance can be understood as a type of indemnity insurance whose aim is to protect the policyholder from losses that may occur due to a problem in a title to a given property. There are two types of title insurance, but the commonest one is the lender’s title insurance, which is purchased by a borrower to protect a lender. On the other hand, the owner’s title insurance is usually purchased by the seller in order to protect the equity of the buyer in a property.

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A Guide To Understanding Title Insurance In Southwest Florida