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If you need title insurance in Fort Myers, Florida, Heights Title is the provider to turn to. We have been providing comprehensive title services since 2004. During that time, we have earned the trust of thousands of property owners and families. Why? Because we take care of our customers. Heights Title was founded with one goal in mind: to create a company centered around trust, responsiveness, integrity and honesty.

Reasons Fort Myers Trusts Heights Title:

  • Attorney Owned and Operated
  • Full Service and Flexible
  • Mobile and After Hours Closings Available
  • Competitive Settlement Fees
  • Local Offices to Service Your Clients

Join The Heights Title Family

In Fort Myers, like all of our locations, we have always placed an emphasis on the value of “family first.” The owners, and many of our team here at Heights Title, live and have grown up in Florida. We understand the needs and desires of our customers. Our familiarity with the people, businesses, and community here help us to meet the needs of the customers we live and work with.

Our Core Values

  • Responsive to our customers’ needs and concerns
  • Respectful and honest to all
  • Integrity in everything we do
  • Motivated to achieve results
  • “Family First” mind set

“In business, as in life, things happen. However, if things happen that render our service to you unsatisfactory, I will be accountable and personally undertake to immediately address the problem, determine the root cause of the problem, and change any company procedure or system that caused the “thing” to happen so that it never happens again.”

– David S. Ged, Esq

Protecting Your Fort Myers Investment

We do more than provide trusted title insurance. We provide peace of mind. We have a history of success in Fort Myers and know the in’s and out’s of title insurance protocols and procedures—and the potential pitfalls. At Heights Title Services, LLC, we will explain to you how title insurance can protect you from title defect and liens. Our company is an attorney-owned and operated full-service title agency business. We assure you that we have both expert and legal grasp and understanding of defects on various documents which is both essential and crucial. We also have skilled and efficient title examiners to provide expedited title searches so we can quickly prepare your transaction for closing.

Taking Professionalism To New Heights

We promise all of our Fort Myers clients that we will perform each closing with utmost professionalism and competency to ensure a stress-free experience. We make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Our affiliated attorney has a long track record of successful negotiations involving short sales in the Fort Myers area. We have proven success over the years with buyers and sellers in both residential and commercial closings. And we are here to help you today.


We are an attorney owned and operated full-service title agency.

We take care of our customers. Heights Title was founded with one goal in mind: to create a company centered around trust, responsiveness, integrity and honesty.