The real estate industry has experienced a lot of improvements in the recent years as the adoption of new technology and design continues to revolutionize the industry. Today’s home buyers are looking for a modern home that have refined trending features that defines elegance and class.

What buyers want in a Southwest Florida Home you are a home seller within Southwest Florida, it’s important that you understand these trending features so that you can position your home to attract more prospecting buyers at a better price.

  • Spacious Laundry Room

Most home owners love a home with a large laundry room. This is one of the most sort after feature especially for those buyers with large families. A spacious laundry area gives them enough space to wash their cloths and to fold them as they carry on with their normal lifestyle.

  • Hardwood Flooring

Gone are the days when wall to wall carpets and tiles were fashionable. Hardwood flooring has taken over the flooring design and it’s the most trending feature in a modern Southwest Florida home. A house with hardwood flooring is going to attract prospective buyers easily compared to the one with the conventional wall-to-wall carpets.

  • Smart home technology

As technology advances, home designs are changing drastically to adopt to the new trends on the market. Most of the potential home buyers are young people who rely on digital technology on their day to day lives. As such, more and more buyers are expressing their interest on smart homes where they can be able to do a number of tasks with just a touch of the button.

  • The modern kitchen

We all know that you cannot talk of an ideal house without mentioning the kitchen plan. Home buyers are always looking for modern open plan kitchen that has the latest trends in flooring, tabletops and shelves.

A spacious home kitchen designed with a hardwood flooring design, granite tabletops, and stylish shelves is likely to fetch better price in Southwest Florida than just an updated kitchen.

  • Exterior Lighting

Everyone likes to see a charming homestead at night especially when relaxing outdoors with friends and family. A house with enough outdoor lights is also safer compared to a home with no exterior lights. Therefore, having a lot of exterior lighting can make a house more attractive to prospective buyers.

  • Multi-functional space

Many home buyers are looking for homes with multi-functional spaces which can either serve as home working space, entertainment area, gaming loft and other indoor activities. This multi-functional spaces should be separate from the kitchen, living room and bedrooms.

  • Garage storage space

Storage space is very important and a very common features that modern homebuyers are keen on. Having a spacious storage space enables you to store all your tools, bikes, and unused furniture among other stuffs. A modern Southwest Florida home with spacious storage space will likely attract better prices.

  • Modern bathrooms

Home buyers are looking for modern, clean and unique bathroom designs. A modern bathroom should be spacious, have enough lighting, larger mirror and be sparkling clean. Remodeling your bathroom and giving it a new makeover with sophisticated design will attract more potential buyers.

  • Outdoor living space

Having a backyard where you can relax outdoor with family and friends is the ultimate desire of every homeowner. People are looking for convenience and if you can have an outdoor experience without having to leave your homestead, then it makes more sense.

As such, home sellers of Southwest Florida homes that have outdoor living space are going to sell more as this is one of the most sort feature by the modern home buyers.

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