As security layers from reputable firms are upgraded with the state of art cybercrime defense mechanisms, hackers are going around and target clienteles and real estate agents by manipulating their real estate transactions. Such crimes have become rampant not only in US but also in the whole world. FBI has recently reported that such crimes have been committed in all the states and in over 131 countries. Luckily, Title services are committed to taking all precautions to safely secure Real Estate Transactions. The company have invested heavily in all third-party transactions and ensures a 100% effective crime liability policy to protect clients from all corners of the States.

Recently, many buyers have fallen victims to wire fraud and only realize what had happened when the real estate agents confirm that no deposits have reflected in their bank account. Hackers have learned to tap into either the buyer or the agent’s emails. After doing so, they monitor the conversation between the buyer and the agent while keenly taking note of the time the deal is to be closed and the amount of money involved. After gathering the necessary facts about the Real Estate Transactions, they send wiring instructions with details that mirror those of the agent to the buyer but with minor but precise details that allow the hacker to get away with the full proceeds from the Real Estate Transactions.

Real Estate Transactions Can Be A Target For Fraud

Real Estate Transactions

Unfortunately, this type of scam is up-and-coming among hackers who are targeting innocent home buyers. Fortunately, Title Services is here to offer a solid protection against such unscrupulous hackers. A reputable agent firm knows how great Title company service is in rendering such divine services. Our experts suggest that you visit the company in person when you are entering into a contract and want to make the initial deposit in check. While on the premises, pick up an authentic printed copy of the wire instructions, which will be your reference point at any time you want to make a wire transfer. Always double check to ensure that the branch you have visited is not a fake title company branch opened by some fraudsters.

Every time you are about to make a wire transfer call the company and have them recite the name and account number while counterchecking every detail against those in the copy you picked from the office. Nothing should have changed and only use the phone number you picked from the company and not the one indicated below any email you have lately received that is trying to dictate otherwise.

Criminals may try to steal your money by masquerading as us or pretending to be working as our agents. They may send e-mails that appear to be originating from us or from our agents. Criminals may call you pretending to be us or our agents, before wiring any funds, CALL US! Call us from the valid phone number you took and not the one embedded in the email. If you have any doubts about the account number, contact us for any further clarification or information, especially if you have lately received some suspicious emails. Lastly, remember not to share your sensitive account information such pins with an agent at any time for whatever reason. We are dedicated to protect your hard earned investment and ensure you safely transact with real estate agents without any security breach.

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