The Condo

Buying a condo is a dream come true for many people. It’s no wonder many potential homeowners are flocking to areas such as Bonita, Sanibel and Marco in Southwest Florida. Remarkable high rise condos on impressive locations, drawn by sugary white beaches, and fabulous sunsets, what’s not to like? It’s therefore pertinent that these buyers understand more about title insurance policies to secure their dreams and protect their investments. Unfortunately, many people don’t think they need insurance until something bad happens but by then it’s often too late to get insurance. It’s therefore best to eliminate these risks and prevent the possibility of losing your investment. A title insurance will cover any buyer in the event of previous legal issues associated with the property that they may not be aware of.

A Title Insurance

Title insurance is available for a condominium just as it is for a home on its own land. Fundamentally, a title is the owner’s right to possess and use a certain property. However, there are many differences to how homes can be titled. The title might be held as joint tenants or there may be a right of survivorship. Rights can also be given according to the many uses of land that exist, which are inexhaustible. A person other than the one you think is the owner may own certain rights to a mineral, air, or utility rights on the property. If a bank has an existing mortgage on the property, it owns some interest in it, as does anyone else who has worked on or filed a lien against the house. The government may also state a claim to the property and filed a lien for unpaid taxes. Such cases stress the need for a title insurance.

A Title Service Company

A title service company will do their own title search before issuing a title insurance policy. This is in an effort to minimize risks of the insurance that they will offer. The title search done on existing public records helps one examine the history of ownership of a particular property and gain lots of insight. It looks into the rights of other parties on the interest, the limitations on the use of the property as well as outstanding monetary obligations. Thus, title service companies are able to offer such policies for a relatively low fee. Any problems found will generally be cleared up before the purchase of the property is done. If they cannot be cleared, they will be stated as exceptions on the policy’s coverage and the purchaser will be in a good position to decide if they want to continue with the purchase. Thus, in the event of a claim against an owner’s rights of ownership, the title insurance company will cover the cost and fees associated with the property’s defense. It is advisable to seek the services of the most professional title service companies you can find. Heights Title Service, comes highly recommended. They are one of the best in the industry and come with skilled experience.


Companies like Heights Title Service help protect not just the buyer but the seller’s interests as well. It’s therefore of utmost importance that said parties secure the services of such professionals and get a title insurance policy. Don’t rush to Naples for that condo, do your due diligence first. You won’t regret it.

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