Before buying a winter home in Southwest Florida, there are several critical considerations to put in place. Different people have different tastes of what they need when looking for a winter home. If you are a regular visitor to Florida from a different state, then buying a home for winter is the best solution to cut down expenses of unnecessary travels and accommodations. Here are the four essential guidelines before purchasing your desired winter home.


Buying a winter home in southwest FloridaSouthwest Florida is versatile with different sites consisting of various commodities, surroundings, and services. For instance, you may choose an area with schools and playgrounds nearby if you have children. However, it may become expensive commuting to school or park and back often. Perhaps, you may settle in a quiet neighborhood if you prefer staying away from touristy areas. Some may love outdoors, hence, prefer staying near walking trails.

All these are a matter of location and where you feel relaxed during vacations. For an extremely secluded option, ensure you think through your precedence to settle on the right site. Different areas present new homes to settle in, but keep in mind to put your priorities first to avoid regrets in the future.

Search Your House during Winter

Searching and sampling winter homes are always challenging, especially when buying during summer. The best period to shop around for a winter home in Southwest Florida is during the winter. This enables you to have a more comprehensive selection of houses while learning about different houses. Between December and February presents an ideal period as it represents how the area looks like during the peak of the season.

Another significant benefit of searching during winter is that you get an opportunity to sample houses before investing your money. This can be done by renting the home during the entire season to determine if it is suitable for you to live in. Searching for a house in your desired location should be done with additional cautious as some houses may fail to meet all your needs of a winter home.

Estimate Expenses

When buying a winter house, you may forget about the traditional annual costs that often accrue over time. Some of the ordinary expenses often accompanied include home repair costs, payment of insurance, and home watch costs. Before signing up for the winter home, estimate while considering all potential expenses such as taxes and gardening before purchase. Therefore, ensure the home you are considering for purchase is financially sound and does not include significant fees to drain your pocket.

Also included in the estimation of expenses for your new winter home is your annual corporate tax. If you own other properties, purchasing a winter home in Southwest Florida may lead to additional property taxes. Southwest Florida regulations have much higher property taxes for second homes, thus crucial to retain all balances and checks to avoid overpayments.

Focus on Being Pre-Approved

Many prospective homeowners face difficulties to get pre-approved when there is a need to finance their new property. However, when you get pre-approved, budgeting for your winter home becomes straightforward. Qualifying for second home ownership can be pre-approved by first settling all debts and reduced debt to income ratio. Lenders often decline or hesitate to finance second homes when borrowers have previous balances. It is essential to settle outstanding dues if not paying cash for your winter home.

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