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Do I Need Title Insurance For My Southwest Florida Home?

Purchasing real estate in Southwest Florida is probably one of the best investments you can ever make. In the process of finalizing your documents for the purchase, you will come across the term ‘title insurance’. Although buying or selling a home is one of the biggest moves you may make in your life, it can be extremely frustrating if you encounter problems related to your title. Therefore, how can you protect yourself from issues arising from your acquired title?

Title Insurance is Unique among Other Insurance Products

Do I Need Title Insurance For My Southwest Florida Home? Insurance insures a real estate owner against the loss occasioned by defects in, liens against, or other conditions rending the owner’s title to the property unmarketable. Issues arising from the title may limit your use and enjoyment of the property and creates a financial loss. This insurance works almost similarly to homeowner’s insurance where it protects you against loss from theft, fire, wind damage or flood damage.

However, the difference between ordinary insurance and title insurance is that it protects you from errors which may have occurred in the past. The Southwest Florida Home that you want to purchase has been bought and sold by previous owners. Consequently, title defects may occur. It is necessary to protect yourself from such issues before they catch up with you.

Why Do I Need Title Insurance?

Few people understand the intensity of the implications that come along with purchasing a home and the efforts that have to go into securing this home in case of any eventualities in the future. Many people come to learn it the hard way when it comes to real estate. Title insurance aids in protecting your interests when purchasing or selling your home.

Initially, a title company is responsible for conducting a thorough title search where it reviews all the documents relating with the ownership of your Southwest Florida Home. They should analyze transactions and identify and uncover any hidden financial accounts related to your new purchase.

However, having this form of insurance in place protects you from future financial and legal nightmares such as invalid claims of land ownership, judgement, and liens. It will also protect you from hidden mortgages, errors witnessed in public records, instruments executed under fabricated or expired power of attorney, or impersonation of the owner, among many others.

In addition to a title search, title insurance is necessary for the protection of the buyer from mistakes that might have occurred during the search. There might be some future claims or undiscovered interests which may have been missed and may arise after you purchase your property. Since real estate is too vast of an investment to leave it to chance, equipping yourself with title insurance ascertains your interests are safeguarded from any third parties who may claim it.

Let Us Guide You through the Purchasing Process

Purchasing a Southwest Florida Home includes numerous fees and so many other moving parts that it is easy to get devastated. By paying a small and one-time premium for an Owner’s Title Policy, your Title Agent and Underwriter is ready to defend you in court, possibly at no extra costs.

Having Title insurance in place gives you the most reliable insurance coverage. It helps you get rid of your nightmares regarding home-ownership. It will put your interest at heart, giving you the right to claim what rightfully belongs to you. This form of insurance will also offer you the best strategy that safeguards your desires as a home owner in Southwest Florida.

The Difference Between A Southwest Florida Homes Deed vs Title

Deed vs. Title: do you know what these terms mean? When purchasing real estate, these two terminologies may be used interchangeably. However, these two terms are not similar as they refer to two totally different legal concepts. It is essential to learn the difference between deed vs. title, before buying or selling any property.

The Difference between a South West Florida Homes Deed vs. Title

The Difference Between A Southwest Florida Homes Deed vs TitleLegally, a deed is a written statement of property used to convey or confirm the rights of ownership of a property between two individuals; a grantor (‘initial’ owner of the property) and a grantee (the person buying the property or acquiring ownership rights of the property). It is a legal document which transfers title from one person to another. According to the Statute of Frauds, it must be a written document. Deeds must be recorded in the courthouse or registrar’s office in most states; however, failure to file them does not affect the transfer of title.

On the other hand, a title refers to legal ownership of the property. It is not a physical document, but a concept referring to your right to use the property in any manner you please, as long as it is in accordance with the law of your state. Similarly, a title means you may opt to transfer your interest of the property you own to others discretionary. Nonetheless, you cannot transfer more than your own.

How to Acquire a Deed and Take Title of a Property

Once you have understood the difference between deed vs title, here are the steps to follow to acquire a deed and take the title of a particular property.

1. Title Search

To acquire a legal title and deed document, your lender will first conduct a title search to ascertain the lender has the right to transfer the ownership of the property to you, and there are no liens against it. Once the title search has been conducted and everything comes out clear, the seller and the buyer can then sign the contract, after fulfilling their contractual obligations, confirming or conveying ownership rights of the property to the buyer. Only then does the buyer become the legal possessor of the property.

Consequently, the title or escrow company will ensure the deed is filed in the relevant authority’s office and you should get a notification a few weeks later confirming your deed was recorded. If not, liaise with the professional who did the paperwork on your behalf and find out what is causing the delay.

2. Title Insurance

In certain occasions, there is an occurrence of title problems such as missed liens and other legal issues which might be very costly, that may pop up later, even after you acquire your deed document. To protect the buyer from any additional costs and financial losses, there exist two types of title insurances. They are:

  • Owner’s title insurance
  • Lender’s title insurance

An owner’s title insurance protects a buyer from instances that may have happened in the past, such as fraudulent titles issued in the past, unpaid liens against the real estate, or third party claims of real ownership of the property, which may put their financial interest at risk.

A lender’s title insurance is often required when getting a mortgage loan in order to secure the lender’s investment from any title problems. It typically protects the lender’s property until the mortgage is paid off.


After comprehending the concept of deed vs title, you can now proceed to purchase your real estate. It is advisable to have a sit down with a legal professional or your real estate agent to fully comprehend how to go about purchasing a Southwest Florida Home. A knowledgeable and trusted representative when making such dealings is extremely advantageous especially in matters concerning deed vs. title.

South West Florida is one of most beautiful places one can own a home. Many people visit this area and immediately fall in love with it. With time they race out to purchase a piece of their dream home in South West Florida. They get excited with the brochures that show the various scenic view and beautiful home. Then they sit down with the broker to write a purchase contract. However, it is essential to understand what one is getting into to avoid costly consequences during the closing. Therefore, the following tips will enable you to understand what is expected of you when closing your South West Florida Home.

Do I Need Title Insurance, Even If I Am Paying Cash?

Do I Need Title Insurance, Even If I Am Paying Cash?

Title insurance is an insurance policy that is required by the lender when taking a mortgage. The insurance policy is meant to benefit the lender in several ways. The lender requires the insurance policy to gain knowledge and understanding about the property in question. Information gathered include the ownership of the property and whether any charge has been placed before by any other lender. The information is meant to protect the lender in the event that there may be any issues with the property. Therefore, it is imperative to take a title insurance policy when taking a mortgage using a loan rather than cash. However, when paying for the mortgage using cash, you can decide to leave out the policy or take it since it is optional and the beneficiary is yourself rather than a third party.

Owners Title Insurance

There is a lot to think about when buying a home. From mortgage costs to property taxes to homeowners and mortgage insurance. Some people don’t want to think about Owners Title Insurance as well, but they should. Here are 4 reasons why you will be happy you took the time to find and buy an owners title insurance policy.

Title Insurance Protects Your Investment

A home is a large investment. For many people it will be the single largest investment they have. (I do know someone who bought a truck that cost more then their mobile home, and I know someone else with a Lamborghini that cost more then their condo, but for the average person, the home is the most valuable investment they have). Title insurance protects that investment from any legal issues that may come up from before you purchased the property. You protect your car, your home, your property, and even your life with insurance. Title Insurance protects your title to the land and home you live in.